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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 12, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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downturn has wiped out people's life savings erasing decades of accumulated wealth in a few years. the median net worth for american families fell from $126,000 in 2007 to $77,000 in 2010, a 39 percent drop in three years. down to levels we have not seen in a generation. family income also fell and the fed reports that the middle class has gotten the worst of it. and now gerri anchors the willis report on the fox business network. gerri a key factor is housing. >>gerri: all about housing. and now a look at the housing equity numbers, they dropped like a stone from $110,000 for average americans to $75,000 in 2010, a huge plummet. the fed is estimating that all
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together americans lost $7 trillion of home equity during that period. that is a bit are pill to swallow. >>trace: it is. we mention the numbers from 18 months ago but we still feel the effects. >>gerri: exactly. the slow recovery is weighing as you said on middle-class families. it is middle class families who rely on their house as their biggest investment. this report coming out a week before bernanke meets with the federal reserve to talk about rates and if they will juice the economy in someday. this could influence their meeting and their discussion. we will have to wait-and-see. trace? >>trace: gerri from the fox business news, thank you. the controversial law at the heart of the trayvon martin case under the microscope today at a hearing in florida. the governor scott set up a task force to examine the seven-year-old ""stand your ground" law," allowing the use of deadly force in self-defense, with no obligations to retreat or to try to avoid
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confrontation. the law has been at the center of a mass protest after neighborhood watchman george zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin back in february. the teen was unamended. but george zimmerman says there was a confrontation and he opened fire because he feared for his life. trayvon martin's mom spoke at the hearing saying that she does not completely oppose the stand your ground law but believes it needs fixing. >> i am not against guns. but there is something seriously wrong when there is a minor child that was unarmed and he is dead right now. and there is a law that a person is using to try to defend himself against killing a kid. so i wanted to say, please, i beg you, just review the law again. >>trace: members of the public had a chance to weigh in today. phil keating was there and joins
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us from longwood, florida. phil: the task force presented today with the boxes of nearly 400,000 petition signatures surging the law to be reformed or repealed. according to testimony today, since the florida "stand your ground" law was put into effect justifiable homicides have tripled and the issuing of concealed weapons permits have quadrupled. there will be more of the fact finding hearings around the case and the task force will offer suggestions to lawmakers next year. aside from the trayvon martin case the panel heard about the newest "stand your ground" case in the state charged with murder in miami after allegedly shooting to death an unarmed man 11 times in a strip club parking lot last week. police say he claims he felt threatened. the governor tells us he's open to suggestion. >> i am a big supporter of the
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2nd amendment and believe in the stand director ground law but the right thing to do to go back and look at the laws, how it has been implemented. phil: half the country has "stand your ground" law but florida's is considered the strongest allowing anyone to use deadly force anywhere if they reasonably fear for their lives. and there supporters of the law speaking here, too. >> we know from reports push accomplished by the f.b.i. the retreating accomplishes only one thing: you get shot. shot in the back. retreat is rarely a live saving solution. phil: in the case of george zimmerman, the judge said the wife died during the original bond hearing and george zimmerman does not respect the rule of law. back to you, trace. >>trace: thank you, phil keating.
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and now our legal panel, fox news legal analyst arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney, randy tell end. clearly the reason they have this in florida is because of the george zimmerman case. what impact could this have on the trial? >>randy: i thought i was seeing things when i heard about the public hearing. how do you hear it with law enforcement give input into a law when you have not just a case going on but one of the highest profile cases in the country. you are going to prejudice potential jurors and allowing a potential jury poll to hear what the government has to say about what is going on here. it is so prejudicial and deprives george zimmerman of any shot of a fair and impartial jury. >>trace: we do not know if "stand your ground" applies. >>arthur: you are correct. the issue of what is going on, everyone needs to be educated.
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i'm glad this conversation took place because people need to know what that law stands for and what it doesn't stand for. it does not stand for what just happened down there last week where someone felt intimidated, someone felt threatened by two guys getting out of a car using words, and no weapons, no aggressive maneuvers so he pulled a gun and he kills one and shoots another under the truck. that is not "stand your ground" type of defense, the statistic that phil keating kicked out that killings have gone up three times since this has been on the books is a little scary. >>trace: but, first of all, the poll recently says that 54 percent of those in florida still support the law and this texas a&m study that phil was citing, saying, what they are saying you do, if you do not have a gun burglars are less likely to carry a gun because they don't believe you are armed. are we supposed to rely on the
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kindness of burglars? >>randy: the problem is, you are in the midst of an important case, george zimmerman, and important an important case to the entire country and a potential juror is supposed to promise that the only person this jury is going to listen to on the law is going to be the judge. and everyone is going to walk in and say, well, you know what i heard there were talks and they went around talking about this, and i don't know what to thing and i don't know who to listen to. that is not fair to george zimmerman. do it some other time. not now. >>trace: listen to arthur. >>arthur: there is so much pressure going on on this case, the jurors, whoever they will be, whether it is the convention that just took place about the law or us talking about it on "studio b" whatever jurors are chosen will have to do their best to take this out of their mine, listen to the law, as the law applies, and was meant to be applied, not the way it is spun.
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>>trace: that is the key "as the law applies," in this matter. gentleman, thank you, both. >> major headlines from syria today. the united nations peacekeeping chief has finally confirmed what many observers have said for months: the syrian uprising has grown into a full-scale civil war. the u.n. undersecretary for peacekeeping said the syrian government is now attempting to re-capture areas that it lost to the opposition. and secretary of state, hillary clinton said syria's soviet era ally russia is now lying when they claim the weapons shipped to syria are unrelated to the uprising. remember a ship they found last week full of weapons? russian. the u.n. reports that syrian troops are torturing and sexually abusing and murdering children. jonathan hunt has a live report on the horrifying details of the story coming up. a republican senator calling on
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attorney general holder to resign saying that holder violated the public trust. but the attorney general didn't take that compensate lying down. the growing political fight on capitol hill next. plus, cops say a driver turned the wheel and ran right into a guy walking down the street. and the police say this was no accident. the rest of the video. the rest of the story is coming up.
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>>trace: on capitol hill another republican lawmaker told the attorney general that he must resign. in part for not cooperating with the investigation into operation "fast and furious." officials say the program was supposed to track thousands of guns from the united states to drug cartels in mexico. but investigators say the feds did not track hundreds of the weapons and two of them turned up at scene of the murder of u.s. border patrol agent brian
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terry. john cornyn berated the attorney general for what he called "zero accountability from the justice department," after fast and furious and the attorney general fired back. listen to this. >> he violated the public truth in my view, and by failing and refusing to perform the duties of your office, so, mr. attorney general it is more with sorrow than regret than anger i would say you leave me no alternative but to join those that call upon you to resign your office. >> with all due respect, senator, there is so much that is factually wrong with the premise that you started your statement with, it is almost breathtaking in its inaccuracy. i don't have any intention of resigning. >>trace: a house panel announced it will vote next week on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt for not cooperating with its
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investigation. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. attorney general holder also faced the questions about the contempt efforts. what did he say? >>reporter: that is right. we know a lost republicans on capitol hill feel the attorney general has access to information that reveals who signed off on the tactics used in "fast and furious," that led to the death of the border agent^. here is the top republican on the committee, trying to get at that. >> on what legal ground are you withholding that e-mail, the president can't claim executive privilege to withhold that e-mail, is that correct? >> i am prepared to make compromises with regard to the documents that can be made available and offering to sit down with the speaker, with the chairman, with you, whoever, to try to work our way through this in an attempt to avoid a constitutional crisis. >> after the hearing senator grassley sounded encouraged by the attorney general, offering to compromise, and he says
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unless, of course, it is a hollow offer but after 18 months of investigation a show of good will would be to release some of the documents. >>trace: mike, the attorney general also took heat over the recent high profile leaks and his method of investigating this, right? >>reporter: that is right the on friday night he appointed two united states attorneys to look into who may have been leaking the highly qualified material that has ended up on newspapers and television networks across the country and around the world. so, a lot of republicans have said since then, you need someone outside the chain of command, someone who is not reporting to the attorney general himself. here is senator graham on that point. >> i think you are missing the fact that this is a very big deal. and you are handling it to a way that creates suspicion where there should not be. all i am asking for you to find a lawyer in this country that all of us, virtually all of us
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could say that is the right person to do this job. >> after senator graham said that we have seen a series of paper statements from other republican senators saying it is time for someone outside to take a look at the highly classified lakes. >>trace: thank you, mike, from capitol hill. commerce secretary has taken a "medical leave of absence," after crashing his lexus three times in a matter of minutes. cops say the secretary first smacked into a buick at a railroad crossing and the people he hit say he started talking about the crash but cops say he drove away, hitting that buick again before ramming into another car. the secretary claims he suffered a seizure but a commerce department official told the associated press that the secretary has not suffered a seizure before. cops citessed secretary bryson for felony hit-and-run accident.
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did the president speak with the secretary? >>reporter: they spoke by telephone this morning for the first time since the insurance didn't on saturday and the president encouraged him to focus on his health and his family. the spokesman announced a leave of absence after he spent the day in his office here in washington, dc. in a written statement he said effective immediately i am taking a medical leave of absence, so that i can focus all my attention on resolving the health issues that arose over the weekend. while he is gone the deputy will run the department, something she has done before in the period between when locke left to become arch, and bryson came on board. but it is too soon to ask when he will return. >>trace: a lot of unanswered questions about this case to begin with. >>reporter: when is when the
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seizure occurred, whether it was before the first accident or as a as a result of that accident, or the accident five minutes later, after which he was found slumped unconscious. the spokesman said he had only a limited recall of the events which occurred in a suburb of los angeles, and police say he would have been arrested if he had not been taken to the hospital but he was released after a fairly brief stay. as you say he has been cited with felony hit-and-run accident but authorities say whether he will be charged is up to a district attorney, and no occupant of the other cars was seriously hurt. >>trace: the d.a. say they still do not have the case. thank you, wendell. a huge wildfire in the rocky mountains has destroyed dozens of homes, and, now, it has killed at least one person and officials say it could keep burning for months. a live report on the progress of this beast is next.
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>>trace: sheriff's official report that at least one woman is dead from one of the largest wildfires in colorado history. they say the 62-year-old woman died when the flames engulfed her outside outside for the collins. authorities say they called her twice but the warnings were left on the antiking plan and the relatives release add statement saying "she died in the cabin she loved." the massive wildfire has ripped through 100 structures including many other homes and crews report they have made progress in containing the fire but they still warn that it could keep burning until this fall. and now, live from for the collins. how much progress have firefighters made?
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>>reporter: by the end of the day they may have 10 percent containment and hope for a little bit more. compared to a couple of days ago when this fire was completely out of control and now driven more by the dry fuel. extremely dry for this time of year and it burns up and high altitudes with tough terrain. but some people evacuated and will be allowed and other remote cabins could be evacuated, still, as the fire burns in several directions. we have heard from officials this morning talk about fire conditions and how they have improved and it is study and they blot if more air tankers and personnel. here is what they said right now. >> we are going to have the conditions really here in colorado until we get the monsoons which sometimes we get in early july. or until fall conditions set in. so we know we are in this at least for a few weeks. >>reporter: and there is
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concern of the animals, people have animals and horses and cows and dogs and that kind of thing and there is a face group said up so if you can take in animals locals ask us to pass that along. >>trace: this is just one of many fires burning across the west today. >>reporter: yes, 18 fires burning in total. two big ones. this one and the one in new mexico, that also was driven by winds and higher temperatures than normal and dry conditions over the week. the good news down this, they are saying 30 percent containment and they believe they can get a good handle on this the next couple of days and right new the fire situation in the west is extremely die, extremely tinder. the positive for arizona and colorado, potentially could be the monday montana -- monsoons, but california and oregan are concerned about what they may face and there is a lot of support coming from surrounding states of colorado and from canada and as far away as
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alaska. trace? >>trace: thank you, adam, from for the collins, colorado. cops in california near los angeles released surveillance video of a dramatic hit-and-run accident. police think the driver of the car intentionally rammed into this man and sent him flying. did you see that? it happened sunday around 1:00 o'clock not afternoon. police say they believe the car is a gold four door mitsubishi signal -- gallant and the driver was thin hispanic male and they are looking for information that could lead to his arrest. a disturbing new report out of syria says that government troops are torturing children as young as nine years old. reports of sexual abuse, murder, and troops using kids as human shields. the details on that coming up. and the president and
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presumptive republican presidential nominee, governor romney, step up their attacks over, yes, the economy. and now we are learning about a meeting between governor romney and the most powerful republican in the house of representatives. coming up as we approach the bottom the hour. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>trace: bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. slaughter in syria is at a new low. the united nations reports that syrian government troops have tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered children as young as nine years old. the special representative for children and armed conflict at the u.n. says syrian troops use kids as human shields placing them on their tanks so the opposition forces will not fire. the syrian uprising is now reportedly killed more than 1,money 200 children since march. report came as the united nations peacekeeping chief declare the the conflict is now a full scale civil war. jonathan hunt has the news. are these horrifying reports, what else can you say, horrifying, about the abuse of children. >>jonathan: they are disturbing reports. this is the first time by the way that the united nations has puts syria on a so-called list of shame which began publishing regarding the abuse of children in armed conflict back in 1996.
3:31 pm
listen to these accusations: syrian forces are killing children, maiming them, arbitrarilily arresting them, detaining them, torturing them, raping them, and using them as human shields i spoke today to the u.n. special representative at the united nations in new york and she told me this is some of the worst abuse she has ever seen. as the syrian army and security forces continue to blur the lines between civilian and combat targets. listen. >> here you have a blurring of the lines and the whole community is attack asked terrorized and the best way to terrorize communities is through children or torturing of children. >>jonathan: so all your six years in this position you have never seen figure like this in terms of the abuse of children? >>guest: in the area torture and executions, that violence, i don't think i have seen anything like it. >>jonathan: another disturbing report today, this time from
3:32 pm
secretary of state, hillary clinton, who said during a speech that she says the russians are sending helicopters, attack helicopters, to syria. and the word she used is "russia is sending," we are not clear if they are on the way now or she is referring to previous shipments. if russia is sending attack helicopters used in this slaughter of civilians, then it is a very stubbing development. >>trace: and a ski -- key distinction. and it talks about child suicide bombers. >>jonathan: not related to syria but back in 2004 lock at this famous video, a still photograph. this was a palestinian boy sent to an israeli check point in the west bank wearing a suicide bomb vest. israeli soldiers were able to cut that vest off him but that is now becoming a more
3:33 pm
wide-spread trend according to the united nations. in pakistan and afghanistan, for instance, they say that the taliban increasingly use child suicide bombers in pakistan 11 kids were killed as a result of being used as suicide bombers just last year alone, the same number in pakistan. and it is not just boys and girls being used but some of them as young as eight years old. >>trace: thank you, jonathan from new york. and now, michael singh the managing director of the washington, dc think thank focusing on foreign policy not middle east and served as special assistant to condoleeza rice and colin powell. what else do you say? we talked about this a couple of weeks ago, what is the answer? nothing is working. now they are slaughtering children. what do we do? >>guest: well, the news from syria keeps getting worse and worse. did you focus on this region, obviously you deal with a lot of
3:34 pm
troubling stuff but this is awful and abnormal. and it shows you what sort of depraved regime we are dealing with in damascus. you would hope that all those supporting the regime would be ashamed. but, what do you see? you see the second report, attack helicopters being sent to had regime by countries like russia, and so this will put a premium, now, on all their steps by the united states and partners. >>trace: how much pro active? how much bolder do we get? >>guest: is concern of the united states government and allies is by arming the opposition and supporting the political opposition, by getting more directly involved we risk inflaming the situation or causing the violence to increase. it is clear that the violence is increasing and the situation is becoming more inflamed and more
3:35 pm
serious as we speak regardless of our inaction. so, now the question is: what can we do to bring this fighting quickly to a halt, to get assad out of there, and to prevent further escalation from taking place. one other thing, which wasn't mentioned so far an interesting report, a disturbing report, out of the foundation for defensive democracy that shows saudi clerics are funneling money to the free syrian army in the absence of western help for that organization and that is disturbing because obviously they support terrorist groups. >>trace: the clerics funnel money, the russians. is it time to have a conversation with president putin? >>guest: absolutely that conversation has already been had but we do need to be much more serious with the russians, to say that this is not acceptable. we will take action. but, i thinking also, trace, you have to be ready to go an the russians, that our quest to get russian support sanctions or
3:36 pm
other steps will not succeed as we see from this news today. >>trace: sanctions are such a long process. there has to be some kind of answer in the near future. good of you, michael. tens of thousands of people marched across russia's capital of now today in the first junior protest against the president putin since he took office last in. the demonstrators chanted "putin is a thief." and challenged new laws meant to stop any serious protest against his rule. putin has hopped between president and prime minister over the past decade. and analysts say russia and the united states have recently hit a diplomatic gas over a proposed nuclear missile shield outside of russia. and the united states has reportedly given that nation nearly $1 billion in annual aid if recent -- in recent years. >> we are learning that governor romney held a meeting with one
3:37 pm
of the top republicans on capitol hill, the former house speaker boehner and took the message back to the swing states of california. during a rally, governor romney praised small business owners and other entrepreneurs for helping town the united states into an economic powerhouse. and he called out the president for his comments last week when he said the private sector was "doing fine." of course, president obama later classified his remarks and said the economy was not doing "fine," at the same time the president's campaign team has released a new ad going after romney's own economic record as governor. campaign carl cameron is live in washington, dc. karl, it sounds like both sides are trying to shift the debate here. >> and they are also both very much sharpening their punches. the obama campaign want as new tough ad to run in nine battle ground states going after romney for his record as governor. it will be in all the key
3:38 pm
battleground swing states and says the president had, rather, the romney ran up big debts as the governor of massachusetts and romney counters that unemployment dropped, during the tenure and he balanced the budget four times in a row and the president cannot claim that in the united states where the debt has risen and unemployment has been rising. romney is adding health care to the charge that the president is out of touch and does not understand how bad the economy and policies are. listen to this. >> just yesterday the president said something else that shows just how much out of touch he. he said he didn't understand that obamacare was hurting small business. didn't understand that obamacare impacts small business. >> the president told an iowa tv station yesterday that only insurance companies impacted by the health care reforms and it would be "hard to explain," how any others would be. romney said they quoted small business study indicating 75 percent of employers are less
3:39 pm
likely to hire because of affordable health care act and costs and regulations. and romney is amping up with the g.o.p. in advance of the supreme court decision. >> the supreme court is about do make a decision with regard to obamacare. and i have here in my pocket what they will say. actually, i don't know what they will do. but regardless of what they do, it is going to be up to the next president to either repeal and replace obamacare or to replace obamacare. and i intend to do both. >>carl: he hammers the president for saying the private sector is doing fine but the idea to give more stimulus money to create more government jobs proves he is out of touch with the private sector. >>trace: and we put speaker boehner out of a job calling him the former house speaker he is the current house speaker, carl cameron, live in washington, thank you. we apologize, mr. speaker boehner.
3:40 pm
yesterday we told you of a town where residents wanted to fine people for cursing, a government run swear jar. it is now official. more on that next. and, emergency crews, boats, helicopters, called up what the coast guard says was a very expensive and could have been a costly hoax. cops track down the person responsible. can they? what hatches if they make an arrest? [ male announcer ] it's back again at red lobster,
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3:44 pm
>>trace: emergency crews in boats and choppers responded to the scene, 17 miles off the coast of sandy hook, new jersey but were not able to find anyone where the yacht supposedly sank. >> when they arrived on scene helicopters looking down should have seen liferafts which are usually orange or red in color. and they would have seen smoke. and they would have seen, probably, an oil slice. >> the distress calls came from land, not water and the agency is looking for who could have placed the face calls which carry as maximum penalty of 5 to 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine not to mention repaying the coast guard for the cost of the search. our legal panel is back. arthur and randy. come on, these guys risk their likes to go out and rescue people, this is as far from funny as you can get. >>arthur: idiotic is the word
3:45 pm
i had in mind. i did not hear the tape, the 9-1-1 call, but, my god, the details, 21 souls on board, 20 over. wow, three deceased on board in what going on upstairs? you want to play aposome -- hoax on someone, throw eggs on a window. it costs $100,000 for the search. and all the likes of a first responder that are put at risk, just getting in a car accident on the way to scene. it makes no sense. when they get caught, because they will, they are facing a lot of jail time and it is something the judge has to take very seriously. >>trace: but randy, this guy, people say, well, maybe he was mentally disturbed, he sounded very convincing, he gave precise coordinants, and he knows his boating. >>randy: aside from a disclaimer arthur is not after
3:46 pm
-- after d advocating someone's car with eggs. if you listen to the tape, arthur's point the legal of detail, the man is not calling in a horrific explosion with dead people. he is ordering dinner. there is something wrong with that tape. just listening to. who could be so calm? 20 souls on board, but the guy is not the least bit concerned. the point is, before we start thinking about crimes and locking people up, a point has to be made of the level of what is going on whoever called that in, his brain, and his ability to understand what he was doing was wrong. >>trace: he is calm so deliver, he is sane. >>arthur: come on, that is not going do hold water.
3:47 pm
what will hold water, they will catch this guy and say, look, this is what, all these people you put in harm's way, all this money we spent, this is what the inside of a little jail looks like. see you later. >>trace: hope it doesn't sink. gentleman, thank you both. >> the votes are in and folks in massachusetts voted to let police fine people who curse in public. the measure won by a tally of 183-50. it came amid concern of a cursing epidemic there. now, public potty mouth in town could result in $20 ticket. >> coming up, appear attempt at a stunt the likes of which we have never seen before. we will tell you what this man is hoping to do high above the rushing water of niagara falls. a must see on "studio b" today.
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>>trace: final preparations underway for a rare publicity stunt at niagara falls, 7th generation tight rope walker will walk a 2" diameter wire extending 1,800' off the falls, hoping to boost tourism. he will be the first person in 116 years to walk over the niagara river and the first ever to cross so close to the waterfall. abc will broadcast the whom tinge live on national tv but it is insisting wallenda wear a harness so some say people coming to see it should demand a full refund for hotel bills but there is talk that he might
3:52 pm
break contract and move the harness away so it is a deaf defying stunt. and now, peter, look, i want niagara falls to be busy, my brother works there, but you are putting a man with a wire and 2" wire when he normally walks on 1" or less, where is the dare devil with that. >>guest: we have come a long way, trace, since evil kneivel jumping across the grand canyon because of the lawsuits and bad publicity i guess abc is insisting on the tether and now the ruler he will take it off. it is a mutually beneficial situation. niagara falls and your brother gets free publicity and wallendas get back if the limelight. his family was well-known, but this is a way to resurrect the maim and the brand. so --. >>trace: but are the fans
3:53 pm
getting shortchanged? i don't want him to fall off, i don't want do see someone die on national television but we have auto racing, horse racing, football, everything has some element of risk and any are doing the risky thing it is cheating the fans if you have no chance of falling or getting hurt. >>guest: that is probably right. but, trace, the risks are too high because imagine what would happen if he did fall, as i said, what the reaction would be, they are allow this man to get there although he fully wanted to do it, it is still too much of a risk. they would not want to incur that kind of risk. >> you are saying in the old days when evil knievel jumped the buses the risk level was lower because the courts were not is involved? >>guest: we live in a different time. fear factor. you have survivor. all the programs people sign all
3:54 pm
kinds of waivers and disclosures to go on the programs. they do not want to face the risk. back in the day it was more "quaint." dare devils did there and that was it. but we live in a much different society now and people are more attune to the ramifications if something happened. >>trace: people do risky stuff all the time, just because it is their dream, what they want to do and is this a little bit of that in here? >>guest: there is. as i said, it is a wonderful boon for niagara falls when is the last time said they would take a vacation to niagara falls. they are looking for publicity and the tourism dollars. you are right about the risk. >>trace: got to go. here is advice for wanna be criminals. cops value no trouble finding you if your get away car has a
3:55 pm
vanity license plate. wake up!
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>>trace: and before we wrap it unin "studio b" the dumb criminals file got bigger. federal prosecutors in kansas say police had an easy time tracking down amend robber after knocking over a kfc restaurant but they did not plan out their heist very well because they use add car belonging to one of the suspects to get away and on that car was a personalized license plate reading "savoy," police tracked the men down after the robbery, and cops say the suspects opened fire on the officers but anyone was hurt. the two machine now facing charges of robbery and using a firearm in a violent crime. the reason they did not say "savvy." back later with the fox report at 7:00 in the west and 4:00 in the east. good news for the 401(k), the dow up a little more than 150 points and the best man to tell
3:59 pm
you exactly why that is coming were right now. "your world," with neil cavuto, now. i have a lot of responsibility as president of the united states. i was supportive of tom and had been supportive of tom. and obviously, i would have loved to have seen a different result. >>neil: forget resting, did the president left the sparks fly over a certain fly over because if wisconsin was put in play a week ago the democrats officially lose it, today? welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. a week after wisconsin recalled democrats would soon forget a president bringing it back front and center after telling a wisconsin reporter asking why he never made it to the badger report he was too busy to get to the badger state k now wisconsinites are asking, too busy doing right. on the friday before the election he flew over wisconsin


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